An established consulting company focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation

2020 will mark 30 years of success!

Who We Are

We are advisers, strategists, planners and engineers. We are focused to find the best solutions above all.

Our team is driven to help you realize your vision. We believe in collaboration, leaving your organization stronger after every engagement.

We solve problems with creativity and a passion for excellence. We are intellectually curious, informal and collaborative. Seeing our clients succeed is what drives us.

What We Do

We provide business and management consultancy covering wide range from strategy planning and solutions to everyday management of your business including accounting and reporting.

Public Sector

In public sector we consult our government clients in strategy development, negotiations, contracting, technology implementation, training and operational improvement.


We advice our NGO partners in formulation of goals, legislation initiatives, drafting statutory acts, lobbying and contracting.


Because of our relationships with numerous organizations, we are aware of the best practices which we apply creatively to address the challenges of our business clients.